Truth is the prime value an individual can acquire, but when one believes a lie for too long, the truth doesn’t set him free, but tears him apart.




News Portal NP is the world’s No.1 news discovery platform for uncensored news stories from sources around the world, free from bias, regardless of what political ideology they support, where they’re from, or who operates them.

Humanity is diverse in its composition and so anyone who claims/thinks that all must have a singular point of view is fallacious.

The site visitors get a quick and easy access to breaking news and latest stories making headlines in real-time while linking back to the original sources.

Every point of view deserves attention and consideration, since it’s only in a dictatorship that a conflicting point of view is censored from mass access.

With a main focus on world politics and current events, all stories are delivered raw without any alterations.




News Portal NP‘s mission is to be a fair gateway to information and diverse viewpoints from every part of the world and give back to humanity freedom to choose what they want to believe as truth, rather than the age-old manipulated, nationalistic, and geopolitical impositions by a few through their selfish desires to mislead and manipulate mankind.

The site is global in its approach, and not relying on a single-sided point of view.

What anyone believes shouldn’t be an imposition upon him by another, but rather a personal choice through individual discernment.




News Portal NP doesn’t make news (for now) and so copyright to the contents on the site is wholly owned by its original publishers/authors.

When what’s to be considered as truth is decided for you, you should be very concerned.

The site shares news from a diversity of sources from all over the world, giving all the credit to the original publishers, while maintaining no affiliation to any.




In a world full of competition for power and influence, humanity have been fed with a lot of propaganda engineered to manipulate and shape public opinion based on what those who control information through media (in its diversity of forms) want the masses to believe, delivering half-truths, keeping the masses in the dark on important matters that directly affect them (masses), and sharing lots of lies which have in turn led to current human division and global instability.

Truth is being censored and distorted so that lies and propaganda can be the only existent information available to the masses.

Unlike others, News Portal NP doesn’t dictate what its audiences should believe, thereby aggregating a diversity of views, much of which is currently censored online and distorted by major news sources from specific regions to preserve their nationalistic and geographical ideologies through propaganda and lies, therefore giving News Portal NP’s audiences freedom to make own choices on what to believe.




With the illusion of democracy in every nation (even in the so called “civilized nations”), the world has been bulldozed into a dictatorship which is never realized by the masses due to the created illusion of “freedom” (liberty) among men and nations, and the camouflaged nature of the “establishment” that touts itself as a fighter for human democracy, but while in reality fighting democracies worldwide.

Those with a past or secret that can be used as leverage are preferred in positions of power since they can be easily manipulated with threats of its revelation to the public, and therefore are perfect tools to progress the interests of the destroyers of civilization.

Nations through their policy makers are coerced and blackmailed to conform and accept imposed ideologies, hold a certain political stand, support a certain narrative or political cause, etc, whether it benefits their nation/citizens or not……

Note that who you’re made to believe as the global power is just a proxy (main proxy and command center), the hand of the global autocrat, and the global “fixer” placed on the limelight for global bidding – just like major global bodies/organizations under the pretext of their existence as to serve the interests of the masses, but truly for protecting and progressing the interests of the oppressors since they’ve already been “hijacked.”

Humans believe that rules are the ones which bring about world order, but do they? Who makes these rules and who decides that this or that person or nation deserves “punishment” (in whatever manner that “punishment” might be)? And are these rules applicable to everyone or every nation?

He, who cannot be controlled is demonized and subjected to hostilities.

This site reserves the right to purposely withhold any details deemed “unfit for the wrong eye/ear,” or that which in the eyes of the cognizant is considered “premature revelation” to the unprepared.

Democracy (as it relates to governments/nations – without exemption), and human freedom (as it relates to the collective masses of men), are just ideas fed to the masses to lure them into ignorant complacency, but not practical facts.


Line Of Demarcation To Be Noted:


Human beings are self-destructive creatures, led and guided by animal instincts and emotions in all their undertakings, whose focus is the finite material aspect of things (weaknesses utilized by the global manipulators to their advantage against the masses of men), which makes it hard for them (masses) to be trusted to run the planet responsibly, leave alone their own lives.

It’s through this that there’ “VOLUNTEERS OF THE RACE” (not who the majority will presume to be referred here) whose “HAND” direct the human affairs (even for the manipulators to ensure a certain line isn’t crossed) while maintaining a distance from directly interfering with human’s freedom of choice (to use “Free Will” to refer to this would be presumptuous basing on the fact that not every human being that possess that quality, just like the fact of the soul – no elaboration of that is to be given).

It’s through the manipulation of public opinion through media’s propaganda, lies, emotional distractions (a very vast human scope), moral degradation (whatever that might mean at individual level) through popular culture, etc, that this freedom of choice is “overridden/bent” by the perpetrators to their (perpetrators) advantage.

All human problems on the planet stem from a human source, but not any external or inhuman source. In most cases, the perceived “savior” is ever the originator of the problem he offers to solve; in symbolic terms, the “doctor” is always the creator of the “disease” he offers to treat….. To justify “his existence and purpose,” the “savior”  therefore covertly terrorizes the planet through “his scattered network of agents” and later openly comes as the rescuer, and that’s how “he” maintains “his” power and influence, by bringing order or chaos at will based on “his” political or financial interests since these two are the pillars of this autocratic “establishment”.

Their (“volunteers of the race”) “EYE” oversees all human affairs and all their work operate under Universal Laws as permitted by Design. Their work however isn’t only confined on the planet earth (and basically has little to do with the form side of “things”), or the human’s world as often called, but also within the “other worlds” intertwined within the visible phenomena.

Since they work under a higher authority/power and exist “outside the patterns of this world,” they’re not bound by the human limitations, laws, rules or governments, but regardless, always serve for the best interests of the collective humanity, and never seek to control or enslave mankind, but liberate him instead from his fellow human controllers/manipulators.

This’ not conspiracy, but factual workings of the present world; although the field of conspiracies has always been a tool used by the global manipulators to confuse the masses and hide their true participation.

These “Volunteers of the Race” should never be mistaken with the aforementioned global autocracy working through rules, material phenomena, “punishments” and illusory democracy through proxy nations, manipulating the masses through propaganda, lies and fear-mongering while using media and policy makers as their tools to spread their narratives, division and hatred among mankind.

Any unity of purpose commissioned without ‘their’ (planet manipulators) influence or control is deemed “unholy” and a threat to their “establishment” since they believe they’re the supreme establishment on the planet that should never have an alternative or challenger, and therefore use propaganda, fear and covert operations to discredit and undermine the new unity of purpose, due to the fear of losing power.




Through the division and hatred among nations and their people, mankind is faced with a RUDE AWAKENING to the collective power of a unified human race.

A new day is dawning. The whole world will shake once the “BIG SHOW” begins and no one (including the planet manipulators) will be spared. We can liken what’s coming as the “General Cleaning of the House” before we can welcome in “visitors” ……. Many, (including powerful nations) are going to fall, to give room for others to rise.

Majority of your policy makers and trusted media are fomenting hate and division, but through their usual hypocritical rhetoric at public podiums, they claim otherwise; and sadly, the masses blindly follow and believe whatever they’re told without questioning the motives behind it all.

There’s a lot of money made through human division, hatred, global instability, conflicts and human suffering…… but when “hell” becomes the reality of the world, then man will discover the uselessness of his present-held beliefs, perceptions and the like, and awaken to the unified power of the human race, where personal interests are never observed, only the common good.




News Portal NP is a project by CONCERNED THIRD PARTY(IES), working through the EM KHEI nominal, to lay the foundation for the GREAT WORK ahead.

What you love most, might/will one day kill you.

Man is being brainwashed and incited against his kind, cleavages established among nations and their people, and any efforts towards peace or human unity sabotaged and thwarted so that man can remain preoccupied with artificial problems and distractions, blocking him from realizing his worth and unified power, thereby keeping him dependent on the “sources of his bondage.”

Through the machinizing and weaponization of nations and men against each other through propaganda and disinformation, man (very specific, but intentionally using a vague name – man – for certain reasons) is headed to a self-destruction phase (and will follow a predefined order that will not be revealed here). It’s through media that hate is being instigated, fear cultivated, and patriotism manipulated to cause global instability and invoke malice and division among mankind. But are the masses ready to pay the price for their ignorance and blind subservience?

Very little can be said for now due to specific “agreements and promises” made prior to this project, but as time unfolds, much will start coming to light naturally. At the moment, only figurative hints can be stated, so that the thinking man (having an esoteric significance) can dig deeper and uncover what lies beneath.

Unless the masses of men reject being used as mindless and disposable tools, manipulated, lied to and incited against their fellow kind, they’ll continue to suffer and to die for the interests of their oppressors….. However, the “New Generation” holds the key to human freedom and can aide the planned change, only if they choose to use it.

Choose your own truth because what you’re being fed as truth will cost you dearly in coming year(s) since it’s poison and detrimental to your own existence.

Man can only be saved from that which he’s already aware of, but will remain an ignorant slave to that which he doesn’t know.