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‘s FAQs page offers the main questions and concerns, but the list doesn’t exhaust everything, and so more will continue to be added. For any questions or concerns when using our site, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The following are the frequently asked questions:

  • What is News Portal NP?

News Portal NP is the world’s #1 news discovery platform for uncensored news stories from sources around the world, free from bias, regardless of what political ideology they support, where they’re from, or who operates them.

More about us can be found HERE.

  • How does News Portal NP categorize stories?

Unlike other news sources, News Portal NP categorizes stories based on the country or region of origin, rather than the story topic.

Through this form of categorization, our audiences can have different perspective of the same story, based on where the story is being reported from, and therefore give them the freedom to decide whether it’s biased or not.

News Portal NP’s main objective is to help our audiences to believe what they want to believe through own choice, not because the story in question is being broadcast by a major news source. That freedom of choice is only attainable through the access to a diversity of viewpoints from various regions and sources.

  • How do I search a specific topic or story at News Portal NP’s website?

News Portal NP operates like a semi search engine.

The site has been designed with a highly intuitive search assistant that displays both short-form and long-tailed searches with the most relevant results based on the search query.

  • How Does News Portal NP select its sources?

News Portal NP’s sources come from both extreme right and left, as well as semi-neutral (since no mainstream media is basically neutral).

We make sure that every source included is legitimate, regardless of what political ideology governs it. We’ve included many sources which have seen a lot of censorship from both certain regions (and governments), as well by the “big tech” because; if they’re censored for spreading propaganda (as the excuse is often claimed to be), who chose those claiming this to decide for the rest of humanity? Can’t man make own choices? Unless we’re in a dictatorship (which might be a certainty rather than a possibility) and not aware of it.

  • How do I contact News Portal NP?

We’re always open to a conversation. You can write to us directly through our email address: hello@newsportalnp.com or fill out this form.

  • Is News Portal NP on social media?

With the present clutter of social media platforms, we carefully select where to be and where not to.

News Portal NP is ONLY available on Instagram and nowhere else.